30 minutes from my door you will find some of the finest technical and intense riding I have ever experienced. Hour long climb, hour long decent, breathtaking views, intense singletrack, rocks, roots, vibrant moods. Speechless.
PS: P. is no longer single. She is fantastic. Life is beautiful!


bro said...

Nice pics! Then I miss the west coast!

Gro said...

Kule bilder Per!

DalRock said...

Nice whip Per! good to see you shreddin up the mtb action.

missin you in ABA cx this year
(i could actually be fit?..maybe)


steven said...

Per, we already knew that you slept with your bike... ;)

In elk geval proficiat!!

Gro said...

Na syntes jeg det er pa tide med en oppdatering... Hva skjer Per?